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Heritages and Museums

The “House of Master” building, which was built in the second half of the 18th century by the architects J. Möser and Giuseppe de Sacco. The building is now the Horodnytsa history museum. Address: Eliza Orzeszkowa street,37.

Museum of the HIstory of Religion was founded in Grodno on 7 July 1977 as the Republican Museum of Atheism and Religion History, and opened for visitors on 15 January 1985. On 12 August 2005 the museum was granted its current name.

The Jesuit Pharmacy in Grodno is a pharmacy built in the market square in Grodno, then in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, between 1700–09. It is the oldest pharmacy in the present-day Belarus. Address: 4, Grodno 230023, Belarus. Phone: +375 152 74-00-81

The Glass Museum gets tourists from many countries come to us to purchase unique works of art, collect the goods of incredible beauty and just admire the beauty of these places. Because the whole history of the city linked to the development of glass production.

The Museum of Iron in Grodno is a unique museum in Belarus that has no analogues in other regions. Rare irons are kept in several exhibition halls! They all differ in weight, size and purpose.